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No Second Story? No Problem

We get a lot of requests for second story add-ons. Sometimes it's for a bedroom suite when the kids have outgrown sharing a room. Maybe it's a mother-in-law who is moving in. Maybe you're wanting a game room to give you some extra flex space. Whatever it is, we can help!

These clients wanted to add about 1,200 square feet on top of an existing kitchen. The attic was spacious but not nearly big enough to hold the square footage they were wanting. (Pro tip - when building out an attic, it's not enough to look at the footprint of the floor space. You have to also pay close attention to the pitches of the roof and modify them accordingly to make sure you have appropriate ceiling heights. Harder than it looks.)

At the end of the day, we added 1,200 upstairs - a game room, a theater room, a bedroom suite with a bathroom, a study, and a third garage. Successful project and a beautiful result


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